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Price €640.000 Provence, Piedmont, Megève and Mallorca
South of France Provence

The exclusive Quantus

We’ve been looking forward to introducing the new Quantus association, which offers the ultimate exclusivity with luxury homes. The homes will be of a very special calibre and there is prospect of a very sepcial experience in the houses and apartments we invest in. Both architecturally, in terms of interior design and location.

As an owner in Quantus you will own a house in Piedmont in Northern Italy, a house in Provence in Southern France, and large apartments in Megève in the French Alps and on Mallorca in Spain. There will be ample space for eight people in the apartments and 10 people in the houses. With just 16 owners in the association, sharing the investment of four homes, you can enjoy an average of 13 weeks’ stay a year. In fact, you can enjoy your homes for up to 28 weeks if you have plenty of flexibility in your holiday calendar. Quantus is therefore well suited and equipped for larger families, couples with a large circle of friends and for those with a taste for luxury and plenty of space – when life should be enjoyed together in first class.


Investment €640.000

Monthly shared expenses €790

1 years deposit of shared expenses €9.480


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