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Transformation with Style and Care

Our focus on superior design and property development ensures that every home is not just a place to stay, but a masterpiece of comfort and style. This section will guide you through our approach to creating these exceptional living spaces, emphasizing the value and diversity we bring to your investment.


When the MyHomes development team, led by Development Manager Rikke Skouboe, start the search for a new property, the first priority is always the location. It’s essential that each property not only meets our set of comprehensive criteria but also holds the potential for transformation. We strive to envision a space that achieves the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our rigorous selection process means that only a handful of properties pass through our “funnel”.

Typically, these properties undergo a thorough renovation, during which we prioritize the preservation of as many original features as possible. Our goal is to maintain elements such as arched brick ceilings, genuine stone walls, and exquisite antique tiled floors. Additionally, many properties are reconfigured with new floor plans to enhance flow and functionality, addressing the modern family’s lifestyle requirements.

From the outset, our architects and interior designers work in close collaboration to craft solutions that respect the property’s original character while introducing modern functionality and design.

Rikke Skouboe

Rikke Skouboe, Partner, Property & Development

“When scouting for new properties for the owners across Europe, I try to imagine what they originally looked like with the details and authenticity the property was built with. Then, I think about contemporary needs and functionality – and how it could be realized in the specific property. I must be able to see the finished result from the start, regardless of how dire the property’s condition is”.


At MyHomes, our development philosophy focuses on creating holiday homes that are well-located, functional, and nicely designed. We prioritize renovations over new constructions, believing in the value of transforming existing structures into homes that meet the modern homeowner’s needs while maintaining their unique character and charm.

Our commitment to creating long-lasting, beautiful homes is evident in our choice of materials and design principles. In Piemonte, for instance, we opt for materials that not only enhance the property’s aesthetic but also ensure its longevity. Similarly, in Megève, we use “old wood” from slow-growing pine trees, valued for its strength and ability to add a layer of warmth and charm to our homes.

This approach allows us to offer homes that not only stand the test of time but also promote a stressless living environment. By focusing on renovations, we aim to provide homes that are functional, beautiful, and sustainable in the long term, ensuring our clients make an investment they can enjoy for many years to come. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between preserving the past and embracing the future, offering homes that are a testament to durability, design excellence, and aesthetic finesse.


In keeping with our design philosophy, our renovation efforts aim to preserve the unique authenticity and allure of each property, while infusing them with luxury and comfort. Our approach to interior design is rooted in Scandinavian traditions, featuring sleek furnishings and timeless decor. We enrich this aesthetic by integrating “secondhand” pieces and items that add to a welcoming atmosphere, creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also feel like home.

Embracing the Danish concept of “hygge,” our properties are designed to be havens of comfort and joy—a place to relax and cherish moments with family and friends. This philosophy guides our design decisions, ensuring each MyHomes property is a sanctuary of warmth and well-being.

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