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Our conditions

MyHomes A/S can send me mails and call me regarding sent material (you can subsequently decline this at any time).

With regard to marketing, MyHomes A/S is allowed to collect and use data about me and my activities and align such data with information that MyHomes A/S already have or will have e. g. through cookies from MyHomes A/S website.

The collected data consist of name, e-mail address, phone number, pattern of browsing on MyHomes A/S website and information about clicks on MyHomes A/S website.

MyHomes A/S is allowed to share data about me and my activities internally in the organisation and with partners with the purpose of sending me e-mails that are adjusted to my profile regarding MyHomes A/S associations.

My data will be stored by MyHomes in an CRM-system. I can at any time contact MyHomes if I have any questions or wishes regarding data about me and my activities. I can always withdraw my consent through, also to the other partners that MyHomes A/S has shared my data with.

If there will be other relevant products, partners or other ways to communicate in the future, MyHomes A/S is allowed to use this consent to orientate me and ask me if I wish to update my consent or data about me.

MyHomes A/S is responsible for the data.
MyHomes A/S
Bredgade 20, 1260 Copenhagen.
Cvr: 37 78 71 59

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