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Marbella, Spain

Imagine living in Marbella

Marbella has a lot to offer all year round and is the perfect starting point for plenty of golf, cycling, beaches and cultural experiences.

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The sweet life in southern Spain

Marbella is located in southernmost Spain in Andalucía. Known and loved for its great climate and very reasonable prices, southern Spain attracts travelers all year round, especially from the Nordic countries.

With more than 2,900 hours of sunshine a year, there are plenty of great golfing experiences to be had. Play on the more than 15 world-famous golf courses, or the many other great courses in the area. In general, the climate in Marbella is as fantastic in winter as it is in summer. If you want to escape the Danish weather and experience light and heat, then southern Spain is the place to go. There are also many cultural experiences to be had in and around Marbella. A walk through the old town centre with its narrow streets and small cosy shops is a great pleasure, just as the waterfront with the tropical gardens and a long marble promenade with an abundance of restaurants and bars attracts attention.

There are no fewer than 24 beaches spread over an area of 27 kilometres around Marbella. In connection with many of the beaches, there are lively and happy days with music and food. Some of the most famous beaches are Ocean Club and Nikki Beach.

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Marbella offers

Great climate

Lots of street life

Cosy stores in the old town centre

Kilometres of beaches

World famous golf courses

Sunny and warm all year round

“Do you wish to live in Marbella?

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