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Piedmont, Italy
Piedmont landscape road

Imagine living in Piedmont

Peace for contemplation and relaxation, world-class wine and the most beautiful mountain landscapes to wander around in, on a bicycle or on foot.

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Italian passion for life for the body and soul

Piedmont is Italy’s second largest region and is located in the north-western corner of the country. The name means ‘at the foot of the mountains’, and with its beautiful location close to the Alps, it makes perfect sense. In addition to world-class wine and food in many forms, the region is especially known for its truffles and nuts. The capital city of the region is Torino, which despite being a big city, is very charming and absolutely worth a visit.

The region is especially known for its wines produced from the Nebbiolo grape, which requires the special climatic conditions that characterise Piedmont. Thus, the famous areas such as Barolo and Barbaresco are synonymous with complex, high-quality wines based on the Nebbiolo grape.

In addition to the culinary experiences offered by Piedmont, there is also plenty of opportunity to be active on a bicycle or on foot in the mountains surrounding the area. There are also three large ski resorts; Cervinia, Sestriere and Limone, which can be reached within one to two hours from Piedmont.

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Piemonte offers

Delicious local ingredients

World-class wines

Beautiful mountain landscapes

Ski resorts within a manageable driving distance

View of the Alps

Charming villages that are definitely worth a visit

“Do you wish to live in Piedmont?

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