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Rome, Italy
Pantheon fountain Rome

Imagine living in Rome

A city with life, breathtaking cultural attractions and incredible gastronomic experiences.

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A gastronomic and cultural gem

Italy’s capital is unlikely to need any major introduction. Known and loved for centuries and one of Europe’s largest cultural and gastronomic gems. Rome has a climate that is pleasant all year round, and the wealth of attractions is so great that there is always something new to experience, no matter how many times you return. Wherever you live in Rome, you always walk out of your door and into some of the worlds most beautiful and picturesque surroundings, and there are never many steps to a cultural and sensory bombardment.

Pizza, pasta, risotto the list of much-loved Italian food classics goes on and on, and there is no better place to explore authentic Italian cuisine than in Rome.

Finn Christensen
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Rome offers

Authentic Italian food at its best

Comfortable climate all year round

Numerous cultural attractions

Beautiful surroundings

An abundance of quaint narrow streets

Local markets with delicious commodities

“Do you wish to live in Rome?

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