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Living in Europe

Enjoy the luxury of owning five holiday homes across Europe

Here’s how it works

MyHomes is a Danish company established in 2016 with our headquarters located in the heart of Copenhagen. With hundreds of current owners spread across Scandinavia, we now offer our popular concept to a wider European audience.

We specialize in sourcing, renovating, and furnishing luxury holiday homes across Europe. Our properties are designed according to high Scandinavian standards closely linked to the distinct local styles of each location. Once the homes are ready for occupancy, we manage them and take care of all the practicalities, allowing you to have an effortless holiday. Having transformed them, we currently manage more than 50 properties situated in Italy, France, Spain, and Denmark. Since the beginning, our fundamental philosophy has been to deliver the best product at the best price. We are a dedicated team of 20 people that take pride in delivering a “wow” experience for MyHomes owners – every time. And we’re known for it.

Welcome at MyHomes.

MyHomes makes it convenient and simple

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    Enjoy your holiday, while on vacation

    MyHomes takes care of all practicalities, so you can sit back and just enjoy your holiday.

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    Variation in your holidays

    By having homes in five different places, you have a wealth of options when choosing you next holiday.

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    Better value for money

    By sharing with others, you own luxury holiday homes in five different places in Europe at a price far below just one property.

Here’s what you need to know

At MyHomes, we offer a completely systematic, carefully tested and well thought out process, whereby we provide the owners their own five keys to luxury homes in the most attractive places in Europe.

Read about our concept
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  • Welcome home it says on a black board and that’s exactly how we feel, when staying in our lovely apartment that you scouted and decorated.
    Tim, Owner in a Comfort association
  • The homes are well-decorated and everything works, as it should. No maintenance, preparation or cleaning. The whole holiday is spend on enjoying being on holiday in great surroundings.
    Henrik , Owner in a Comfort association
  • The coolest thing is when you step into one of the homes – no matter which one – you feel like it’s your own home. And it’s actually even cooler the second time, because it’s the feeling of belonging.
    Malene, Owner in a Premium association
  • What have we done to deserve such a good time? Our first visit here in Piedmont is soon coming to an end. It has just been a wonderful experience. Fantastic location and superb decor.
    Bente, Owner in a Comfort association
  • Hat’s off to your tremendous effort, good taste, and the way you keep us updated. FANTASTIC.
    Evita, Owner in a Comfort association
  • We know that all the homes meet our expectations, and that the other co-owners take care of them just as well as we do.
    Tove, Owner in a Comfort association
  • How cozy, bright, and functionally arranged – you’ve really succeeded. Great praise from us. We look forward to the next many days in the cottage.
    Helle & Stefan, Owner in a Comfort association
  • The apartment and the area is just great.
    Thomas, Owner in a Premium association
  • Each home has its own special decor, charm, location, and plenty of details that make the stays unique. Also, the service and the whole concept are a pleasure to be a part of. Big thanks to MyHomes for the great effort, which fully meets our expectations and desires.
    Ken, Owner in a Premium association